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Before reporting an issue, please read these few guidelines in order to ensure that we can deal with it most effectively and resolve it as quickly as we can.

The login to this issue tracker is the same as for the main  CS site. So if you have an account please  log in before filing an issue. Anonymous reporting is possible - if you choose to do so, please leave your email address in the "user name" field. However, reporting with an account is slightly more convenient.

If you have an issue in Crystal Space, go to  it's bug tracker instead.

Keep in mind the tracker is for real bugs in CEL and not a support forum. If you e.g. encounter an issue during the installation, check out the various  community resources for support. File a ticket only when it the outcome is that the cause of your problem is really a genuine CEL bug.

 Browse the open tickets and look if your problem was already reported. If that's the case, add a comment to the existing ticket; try to focus on information that's not yet stated in the original report or other comments.

Be sure to give enough information for reproducing the bug: Very important is the versions of CEL and CS that you are using, the operating system and compiler that you used. It is very helpful if you can provide instructions how to reproduce the issue with one of CEL' demo apps, or a small test application and/or map that exhibits the issue.

To start reporting an issue, click on " New Ticket" in the navigation bar.